This large family home is situated on an open corner site which slopes to the south. Due to the exposed nature of the site, the main living space at mid-level was designed to open onto a sunny and sheltered courtyard nestling into the hillside, achieving the privacy the client sought. The use of modest planting along the street boundary adds further privacy.

The upper level holds a dedicated master suite with its own lounge and excellent views. The lower level contains a garage, workshop and a self-contained guest suite. The visual bulk of the house is broken up with the use of two contrasting cladding materials being cedar and painted weatherboards and bay windows at the other bedrooms at mid-level. The front entrance emerges into an open stairwell connecting all three levels creating an impressive entry space. 

Not only does the house respond well to the constraints of the site but it also creates interest with a number of additional features. 

New Build Long Bay 1 04 Caldera Drive House FNP009RZ
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