Each client’s needs are diverse; therefore we offer a variety of services to satisfy these needs to reach a desired outcome.

The following services are offered to individuals, housing companies, other designers and architects, engineers and developers. 

Initial Consultation

  • Meeting with each client to establish their individual requirements is imperative to understand their needs. 
  • A complimentary onsite meeting will allow us to provide a fee proposal based on our initial discussion, incorporating your individual requirements and budget.

Fee proposal

  • Cadman will provide a fixed-price written fee proposal for a specified project or charge on a time basis plus disbursements, depending on the type of project and the client’s needs.
  • Once the Fee Proposal is accepted and our agreement signed and received, we can begin the Sketch Design stage.

Sketch Design stage

  • Further consultation and liaison to analyse and establish a comprehensive design brief is a thorough process fundamental to making your project a success.
  • A preliminary design sketch will be produced as a discussion document for review.
  • Design Review may take place.  Once a final design has been approved and signed off the next stage is to produce working drawings.
  • A 3D model will be produced as part of the design and working drawing process, to help visualise your design
  • Different visual effects can be applied to the model to explore building material options in order to finalise your design brief fully.
  • At times the engagement of other professionals such as land surveyors, geotechnical, consulting engineers, CCTV drainage inspections and so on, may be required to ensure a comprehensive and buildable solution is attained.  This may take place at Working Drawing stage.

Working Drawings

  • A full set of working drawings and Specification will be produced as required for council lodgement of Resource Consent and/or Building Consent.

Other Services offered

  • Feasibility Studies/Bulk and Location
  • 3D Modelling, Photorealistic Rendering/Visualisation, Walkthroughs
  • See visualisations here 

Projects for other Architectural practices

In addition to CADman’s own design work we also offer a draughting and documentation service to Architects and Architectural design companies. We provide the knowledge and expertise to bring their vision to fruition in the form of construction and building consent drawings, material selection, manufacturer’s information and specifications.

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